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Bermuda Grass

Cynodon Dactylon


Bermuda (cynodon dactylon) is a perennial grass grown in warmer, drier climates. It is grown for both seed and hay. As hay, it provides a moderate amount of protein and a good amount of roughage since it is fine stemmed and soft. Bermuda is complimentary forage to other feedstuffs when used for dairy and beef production. 



Grading of Bermuda Hay is based on visual inspection where the color, fiber length, texture, and purity are evaluated. While we assess fiber length, it is not part of the grading system as fiber length in Bermuda Hay is based on customer preference and does not necessarily reflect the quality.

Available grades include Premium, #1, Low #1 and #2. 

Packaging Options

Finishing and Packaging Services:

Single-Compressed (50-60 kg) raw material from the field.

Double-Compressed bales processed from raw material.

  • Full Bale (55-60 kg) Dimensions: 24”H x 20”W x 17"D
  • Half-cut (25-30 kg) Dimensions: 12”H x 20”Wx 17"D

Sleeve 4-cut (430-460 kg) Dimensions:

  • Mag Bale: 34”H x 47”W x 42”D
  • Big Bale: 30”H x 45”W x 45”D

Wrapped Options:

For use with Full Bale and Half-cut packaging.


Pacific Southwest (PSW): Typically harvested 4-5 times per year. Average yearly yields are around 7 tons/acre. 1st cutting begins in May with a cut schedule of 35-40 days (dependent on weather conditions) and continues through October.