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No. 2 Yellow Corn


Also known as Field corn or Dent corn, when fully ripe, has a pronounced depression or dent at the crown of the kernels. The kernels contain a hard form of starch at the sides and a soft type in the center. The soft inner starch shrinks as the kernel ripens and dries resulting in the collapse or “dent” in the tips of the kernel. Field corn varieties vary in kernel shape from long and narrow to wide and shallow. It is the type mainly grown in the United States and is used for livestock feed and many other products. 


No. 2 yellow corn is graded at the following specifications:
54 lbs. of corn/bushel with 0.2% or less heat damaged kernels, maximum 3% broken corn and foreign materials and maximum 5% total damaged kernels.

Corn kernels, on the average, contain up to 14.5% moisture, 72% starch and 9–10% protein. Most of the starch is found in the endosperm. 

Packaging Options

No. 2 corn is most often shipped bulk in 20’ or 40’ containers.


The United States accounts for approximately 32% of world production of corn. Planting normally begins in late April and lasts through May. Harvest begins in late September and is typically finished by the end of November.