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Panicum coloratum L.


Kleingrass (Panicum coloratum L.) is a warm-season perennial. Introduced to this country from Africa several years ago, it's growing in popularity as an export crop to Korea, Japan, and Taiwan. It's a good alternative to Sudan grass for export because of its desirable stem size, color, and lower nitrate levels.

Kleingrass is fed to dry dairy cows whose milk production practices require fibrous forage to extend milking abilities, as well as beef cattle. Kleingrass should not be consumed by either horses or sheep because a toxic plant compound. 



Quality is rated at premium #1 or #2 and has several grade levels.
When harvested at the right time crude protein can be around 8-9%. 

Packaging Options

Finishing and Packaging Services:

Single-Compressed (50-60 kg) raw material from the field.

Double-Compressed bales processed from raw material.

  • Full Bale (55-60 kg) Dimensions: 24”H x 20”W x 17"D
  • Half-cut (25-30 kg) Dimensions: 12”H x 20”Wx 17"D

Sleeve 4-cut (430-460 kg) Dimensions:

  • Mag Bale: 34”H x 47”W x 42”D
  • Big Bale: 30”H x 45”W x 45”D

Wrapped Options:

For use with Full Bale and Half-cut packaging.


Pacific Southwest (PSW): Harvested 4-5 times per year. Average yearly yields are around 10 tons/acre.
1st cutting begins in May with a cut schedule of 35-40 days (dependent on weather conditions) and continues through October.