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California Medium Grain Rice


California is the largest producer of short and medium grain japonica rice in the United States. In total, the state's rice industry produces more than 2 million tons of rice annually, making it the second largest rice growing state in the U.S. California's rice is exported to Asia, the Middle East, and Mediterranean markets, and is also distributed throughout the United States. Calrose grains are soft and stick together when cooked. This versatile grain makes an excellent table rice, and is also perfect for Mediterranean and Asian cuisine such as paella, pilaf and rice bowls.


Non GMO U.S. #1 Calrose rice.

Packaging Options

California Calrose rice is most often packaged in 25KG bags.
It is also available in 1-kg, 2-kg, 5-kg, 10-kg, 20-kg, 30-kg, 50-kg and 1mt Totes. Customer specific labeling is also available.


California rice is typically harvested in September and then sent to dryers where it is stored prior to milling.
California on average produces more than 2 million tons of rice annually.