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Blue Grass



Over 90% of Bluegrass (POA SP.) seed production is grown in the Northwest states of Oregon, Washington and Idaho. Bluegrass straw is a by-product after the harvest of seed. Bluegrass has the highest Crude Protein of grass straws and it is commonly used for beef and dairy herds.  

Packaging Options

Finishing and Packaging Services:

Single-Compressed (50-60 kg) raw material from the field.

Double-Compressed bales processed from raw material.

  • Full Bale (55-60 kg) Dimensions: 24”H x 20”W x 17"D
  • Half-cut (25-30 kg) Dimensions: 12”H x 20”Wx 17"D

Sleeve 4-cut (430-460 kg) Dimensions:

  • Mag Bale: 34”H x 47”W x 42”D
  • Big Bale: 30”H x 45”W x 45”D

Wrapped Options:

For use with Full Bale and Half-cut packaging.


Pacific Northwest (PNW): Harvested once per year. Harvesting usually begins in June and continues through July (dependent on weather conditions). Average yields for bluegrass straw are 2 tons/acre. However, this can vary based on variety, grower practices, and growing conditions.