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May 21 2019 Crop Update

Updated 21 May 2019

Pacific Northwest


Columbia Basin, Washington

It is still very early in the growing season but if weather is good for growing conditions first cutting could be sometime around the first or second week of June

Ellensburg, Washington

If weather is good first cutting could begin sometime around the middle to third week of June.


Normal harvest is anticipated and should be starting around the third week of June or 4th week at the latest.  The entire area got quite a bit of rain last week and this past weekend which should give them enough moisture to have a fairly decent crop for 2019.  There is currently more rain in the forecast for this week.


Columbia Basin, Washington

A portion of Columbia Basin growers began harvesting alfalfa the 2nd week of May.  The following week some growers were able to get their fields baled and stored prior to several days of rain, but for many of those that cut early they were impacted by the weather.  The rain lasted for several days.  The weather has also turned cooler.  Subsequently it will create some challenges to get product to dry and out of the field.  In speaking to some growers who have not yet cut they are waiting for some potential rain this week in hopes of avoiding having their alfalfa hay damaged.

Ellensburg, Washington

1st cutting could begin sometime next week depending upon weather conditions. 


Is expected to be about 2 to 3 weeks late this year and may begin around the middle of June. 


Pasco, Washington

Ellensburg Washington

Christmas Valley Oregon