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August Crop Update

Updated August 10, 2018


Columbia Basin, Washington (PNW)

 1st cutting is complete

Ephrata Timothy.jpg
Shin inspecting 1st cut Timothy in Ephrata-1.JPG

Ellensburg, Washington (PNW)

1st cutting is complete.

Ellensburg 1st cut 5.jpg

Idaho (PNW)

1st cutting is complete.

Klamath Falls & Christmas Valley, Oregon (PNW)

 1st cutting is complete. 1st cutting had high prices as a large portion sold domestically to California and some to Nebraska. 


Columbia Basin, Washington (PNW)

3rd cutting has begun in the South Basin. Cutting will continue to gradually move from the South Basin to the North Basin for the next week to week and half, weather permitting. Slight rain showers are predicted in the forecast early next week.

Ellensburg, Washington (PNW)

 2nd cutting is complete.

Idaho (PNW)

2nd cutting in Eastern Idaho is underway and is expected to finish within the next week to week and half, weather permitting. Warmer weather is forecasted for the weekend and into next week.  3rd cutting is underway in Western Idaho.

Oregon (PNW)

Klamath Falls and Christmas Valley: Klamath Falls area is being cut now. Baling will begin early next week. Some 2nd cutting received rain damage, however, good weather is forecasted going forward.

California (PSW)

6th cutting is completed.

Kleingrass & Bermuda Hay (California, PSW)


Bermuda Hay: 1st cutting after taking the seeds has begun.


3rd cutting is completed.


California (PSW)

2nd Cutting has been underway for two weeks. 

Ellensburg, Washington (PNW)

Sudan harvest in Kittitas Valley is anticipated to begin within the next week, weather permitting. Cooler weather temperatures are expected over the weekend. 


Willamette Valley, Oregon (PNW)

Baling of straw is finishing up. Weather has remained favorable throughout harvest.


Eastern Oregon (PNW) Perennial RyegrassStraw

Perennial Ryegrass is actively being harvested and baled.

Columbia Basin, Washington (PNW) Fescue Straw

Fescue Straw is actively being harvested and baled.

Columbia Basin, Washington (PNW) Bluegrass Straw

Bluegrass straw harvest is complete.