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September Crop Update

Updated September 5, 2018


Columbia Basin, Washington (PNW)

2nd cutting is about 50% complete. At this time there is a good range of different grades available. 


Ellensburg, Washington (PNW)

2nd cutting is about 50% complete and quality is good so far. 


Idaho (PNW)

1st cutting was good. More than half of the crop is low premium to premium grade. 


Klamath Falls & Christmas Valley, Oregon (PNW)

2nd cutting timothy is complete. 



Columbia Basin, Washington (PNW)

3rd cutting is complete. Much of 3rd cutting was impacted by the persistent smoke layer which delayed the drying time resulting in bleachy product. 

Ellensburg, Washington (PNW)

3rd cutting is early in the harvest. Quality is anticipated to be good. 

Idaho (PNW)

3rd cutting is complete in Western Idaho. Eastern Idaho will begin their 3rd cutting in approximately 2 weeks. 

Oregon (PNW)

Klamath Falls and Christmas Valley: Klamath Falls 2nd cutting alfalfa was fair quality. The domestic dairy market purchased a lot of material.

California (PSW)

6th cutting is completed.

Kleingrass & Bermuda Hay (California, PSW)


Bermuda Hay: 2nd cutting after seeds will be harvest in a couple of weeks. 


3rd cutting is complete.


California (PSW)

2nd cutting will be close to finished in a couple weeks. 

Ellensburg, Washington (PNW)

Sudan harvest is complete. Quality is consistently good. 


Willamette Valley, Oregon (PNW)

Harvest is complete. Good quality of non-rained on product. 


Eastern Oregon (PNW) Perennial Ryegrass Straw

Perennial Ryegrass harvest is almost complete. Good quality. Volume is anticipated to be in short supply due to Ryegrass fields being planted in other crops.  

Columbia Basin, Washington (PNW) Fescue Straw

Fescue Straw harvest is complete. Quality is good and volume is anticipated to be similar as last year. 

Columbia Basin, Washington (PNW) Bluegrass Straw

Bluegrass straw harvest is complete.